Full Version: Pressure plate alternative!
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1. Dig a hole 2 blocks deep in the below formation

[Image: image.jpg]

2.create a slim 'V' shape with any block (I used glass for visibility)

[Image: image.jpg]

3. Hoe inside the bottom of the 'V' then add water to under the the very bottom of the 'V' then place one block in the hole where the went (any block will do)

[Image: YVyeniy.png]

4. Put a torch on the corner of the hole behind the water flow and put a sand on the torch and put signs all the way on the side of the Sand not facing the water and put two sand on the last sign

[Image: 4jz8PYL.png]

If you need a video:

give the credit to Patrick luk
WOOOOOOOOW! Awesome! I can't wait to try that!
I hope it works for you Smile
Me too! :D
Have you tried yet? Smile
I've tried, it's awesome! I can do so much with this Big Grin
I don't use it enough Tongue
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