Full Version: Creative server IP?
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Can someone tell me some creative server IP's? Please, I like playing creative with people! Smile
Oh, and if you could maybe get me whitelisted for one to! Big Grin
uh huh?
Can you tell me an IP for a creative MCPE server?
I don know any ip's for a creative server, but I do know an AWSOME 5 dollar app that lets you join on to MCPE servers! It's called: multiplayer for minecraft pe. It's really sweet!
I have it too Smile I get kicked out of most for random reasons though
Oh.. That's... Odd. I don't really. Big Grin
Oh... Now I feel disliked Sad jk, it's just a glitch Smile
Yah. I hope or goes away, though.
It can't Sad
Hi Panther thanks for refferring me to this site
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