Full Version: MCPE SOCCER!!! [100+ Downloads]
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MCPE Soccer
Mcpe Soccer Minigame map with redstone alternative automatic scoreboard.
[Image: 1406571769034_zpsfrvsrugw.gif]
[Image: Screenshot_2014-07-28-02-58-22_zpsqbmlqovb.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-07-28-02-58-49_zpslhi75imb.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-07-28-02-59-15_zpspu3azhqo.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-07-28-02-59-23_zpst4gfiipm.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2014-07-28-14-01-57_zps7atocjik.png]
Looks neat Smile sorry that I don't have a spoiler tag though Undecided
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