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Advert World - Promotion 2.0 - aaronnz - 08-06-2014 01:02 AM

Advert World

Category: Promotion, Webmaster, Advertising
Site Software: MyBB

Advert World is a new promotion webmaster forum with unique features and the usual stuff you see on other forums. Our goal is to get you the content you want be it members, posts, topics, or just general feedback. Advert World is owned by someone who started out years ago where heaps of other people are starting out. So you can expect to get the best kind of help there is as even we're still learning. We have discussions about web design and community management. We expect you to contribute towards the forum whether it's posting around, becoming a sponsor, or joining one of our contests when we run them. In exchange we will dedicate our time to providing you with the skills for running a community.

Unique features: Promotion section is a directory sort of thing. We pay staff for their hard work.

Quick Links: Promotion Directory, Packages, Exchanges.

We also offer a few other services plus a couple coming soon that we're still working on.

We also give away the odd amount of AW cash for doing certain things on the forum.

RE: Advert World - Promotion 2.0 - Panther145 - 08-06-2014 06:16 PM

That's cool Smile your forums doing good so far Smile

RE: Advert World - Promotion 2.0 - aaronnz - 08-07-2014 07:59 PM

We are still going okay. Have a few unique things such as each week we pick out a forum from the promotion directory and spotlight it and the winner of each spotlight gets a free 12 topic package.

Plus we have a few different things.

Come and check us out.
We are prepared to help in any way.

RE: Advert World - Promotion 2.0 - Panther145 - 08-07-2014 10:41 PM

Now I'm really thinking of joining Big Grin I probably will